Managing Linked Accounts

Browse and take actions on any of the project's linked accounts


Linked Account definition

An Account (or "linked account") represents one of your customer or user's connection with a third party system.

The Accounts section (https://app.stackone.com/accounts) of the StackOne dashboard allows you to view all the tools connected by your customers (or yourself in the case of sandbox accounts).

The Account section can be used to:

  • See an exhaustive list of every tool linked by your customers
  • Test the connection with the account by executing requests and seeing result
    • This request testing interface can help you quickly test that the connection is working as expected and assist in debugging issues flagged by your customer
  • Easily access and copy the underlying Account ID of a linked account
  • Edit & re-connect one of your customers linked account on their behalf
  • View and manage additional information about the account


  • Project User with Basic permission will only be able to view high level details about the accounts
  • Users with Project Admin permissions will be able to edit, delete and trigger API requests for any of the accounts linked in that project


You can use use the interactive demo below to preview the accounts page features

Filtering the list for specific accounts & providers

Take quick action about specific accounts directly on the listing page

View more details about a specific account

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